4 prints and 6 videos exhibited at Jennifer Flaye gallery,  Canal +, France 2, Nova.

(Rabbit video is in the “other films / videoart” section. The 5 other films are on demand)


The animals presented in these films never have a word to say. They are used, analysed, modified according to requirements, which is nothing different from the conditions applied to certain populations or individuals. These “interviews” are their first opportunity to express themselves.

And the simple account of what they feel and understand in their own situation completely changes our point of view.

Because the links between man, nature and all the beings which populates the earth, are so powerful, man finally becomes his own guinea-pig. He breathes HIS polluted air, eats HIS mad cows, heats up under HIS greenhouse effect… This is why no significant human project, whether it be economic, political, scientific or religious should be carried out without the respect of all its guinea-pigs.

We are the Animals !



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